Quest Reviews

"If you think that rock groups have exhausted all areas of inspiration, then lend an ear to OPPOSITE SIDES, in which - to borrow a phrase - they go boldly where no band has gone before. Recorded at their own studio, The Woodworks, the disc contains thirteen tracks, some short, straightforward and sensitively rendered ("Chalkmarks In The Rain," "Warm," and "Never Again") while others are high-powered, hot-blooded and often mind-blowing in their complexities ("Irony", "In the Name Of God", "No Man's Land", and "Four In The Morning"). These last four numbers show just how greatly Quest have developed over the years. This disc is many parted, multifaceted and definitely* deserving of careful scrutiny and numerous plays. The lyrics deal with the many opposites that we, as humans, all deal with in day-to-day life. Years ago, people called projects like these "concept albums". Quest likes to refer to OPPOSITE SIDES as a "theme disc". Rich and poor, black and white, sane and mindless, up and down, and of course - life and death. The lyrics and music on this project appeal to all of us, regardless which side of the fence we reside on."

-Liam Stone